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We try to be as informative and descriptive as possible, but it is nearly impossible to cover everything. We encourage you to read all pages under the Dreadlocks tab, and the Services menu for more details on specific services. If you have further questions, you can reach us at

First and foremost, you need to be aware that dreadlocks are a journey. We use the crochet technique, also known as instant locs, where we manipulate the hair with a teeny tiny crochet hook to encourage it to form a dreadlock shape. The crochet technique means that you start at a much further stage than with other methods like the neglect or freeform methods. However, they still need to mature and this process can take up to 18 months depending on your hair texture. During their first year, they will be frizzy and wild. They may loop, zigzag, twist and basically have a mind of their own. THIS IS NORMAL. Be certain you are committed to the journey. Once they are installed, it is very time-consuming, expensive, and heartbreaking to remove them.

During their first year, we recommend a maintenance appointment every 8 weeks to keep them looking neat and to circumvent any issues that may arise. Often, people are very nervous about messing up or ruining their locs, and we promise, as long as you are consistent with appointments and don't dip your head in tar or light them on fire, they will be just fine. They're kind of like human babies, or puppies; fragile yet resilient. Don't worry about doing everything perfect every single time. Locs need time. Many issues with their appearance will sort themselves out over the course of the maturing phases. Anything that doesn't, we can fix. If you are too neurotic about them being perfect, the journey will be very stressful. Learn to enjoy them in each of their phases, and know that the rough phases are only temporary.

We start every new head of dreadlocks with a virtual consultation. Click here to fill out the form.

*A Note About Crochet*

While crochet by an experienced loctician does not damage your hair or pull it out, there is a pulling sensation as individual strands are manipulated inside the dreadlock. Depending on how sensitive your scalp is, it may range from slightly uncomfortable to a little painful. If you have a tender head, we recommend taking some ibuprofen before your appointment.

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